The Riot – Episode #122

In this episode of The Riot:

  • Hilarity ensues when Democrats gather to debate;
  • Hillary is so sexist, she wants you to vote for her because she’s (allegedly) got a vagina;
  • Bernie Sanders’ political stances are cute, like a five year old child’s;
  • It’s not just the Right that’s obstructionist, the Left can’t work with anyone either;
  • Once again, Big Fat John is proven right: Clock Boy met with a mass murdering Muslim savage;
  • Israelis really know how to deal with terrorist cocksuckers;
  • MSNBC can’t fathom why its ratings keep tanking, resorts to making shit up;
  • Child sodomy and good times abound in Missouri;
  • A new “5 Questions with Big Fat John” segment;

… and more!