White Riot Show – Episode #14

It’s the best time of year for Big Fat John and Judo Larry M, because material for the Democratic National Convention just writes itself! In this week’s White Riot Show episode, the Dynamic Duo covers:

  • Sparring in Judo is for the young;
  • God and Jews get banned at the DNC;
  • Why all political polls are bullshit;
  • Obama is running sacred;
  • Too many dopey broads at the DNC;
  • Sandra Fluke getting rubbers is not the same as the Battle of Iwo Jima;
  • DNC honors women by honoring a dead alcoholic philandering murderer;
  • WHITE RIOT EXCLUSIVE! According to some shaky sources, we got our hands on the original drafts of the DNC speeches delivered by Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren…

So don’t miss this week’s episode of the White Riot Show, or you’ll regret for the rest of your life.