White Riot Show – Episode #12

Things are lonely in the WRS Studios this week, as Big Fat John performs solo. No, he’s not engaging in any sort of masturbatory activity (unless you count the mental kind), he’s just doing the show with the benefit of Judo Larry M, who is on assignment in Miami this week.

Topics covered in this episode by the Enormous One:

  • Explaining Todd Akin;
  • Ethical Consistency in the Abortion Debate;
  • Lance Armstrong Defeats Cancer, Surrenders to Authority;
  • Paul Ryan Loves Hard Rock, Hard Rock Hates Paul Ryan;
  • Gawker’s Hack Publishing Practices;
  • A New Cure for Depression;

… and more!

Listen to this week’s episode, or live with the guilt of knowing you aided and abetted Big Fat John’s depressive eating habits!