White Riot Show – Episode #08

The White Riot Show is on a roll! Big Fat John & Judo Larry M want to thank all our Riotous followers for making us #1 on Stitcher Radio’s Top Mover List!

Let’s keep the momentum going this week– and we’ve got the topics that make it easy:

  • Bailing on a Bad First Date;
  • Getting a Ghost Rider haircut;
  • Building a Better Canadian Mousetrap;
  • Breast Cancer Prevention;
  • Romney’s Awesome Tax Return Adventure;
  • Fairness is Easy;
  • Fried Chicken and Gay Sex;
  • Arguing with Uptight Conservative Editors
  • Are Bloomberg and Menino “Boys from Brazil”?

… and more!

Don’t miss this week’s White Riot Show or we will kill a puppy!