The Riot – Episode #126

On this episode of The Riot:

– Robert Louis Dear shoots up Planned Parenthood, liberals jizz their pants;
– San Bernadino shooters are Muslim savages, liberals worried about Islamophobia rising;
– Liberals are really horrible at drawing appropriate analogies;
– FBI immediately declares San Bernadino an act of Muslim terror, Obama waited nearly a week to say “terrorism”;
– Obama: Islamic terror be damned, there’s Climate Change to worry about!
– The NY Daily News has become the National Enquirer, but less credible;
– Dear @LorettaLynch: Muslim savage terrorists should be your 1st priority, not Americans exercising their 1A rights;
– Sorry libs, but we worry more about Islamic terrorists than Islamophobia;
– Pirelli yields to progressives, promotes fat, ugly, and old broads as pinup models;
– Trannys break social contract, Marine ends up in jail;
– Sting’s son doesn’t understand meaning of “labels”, decides he’s ungendered;

… and more!