White Riot Show – Episode #21

The White Riot Show is back with a new episode! That’s right, despite the best efforts of a destructive hurricane, powerful nor’easter and the insidious spread of socialism, Big Fat John and Judo Larry M made it to the WRS studios in Manhattan to give you the 411 on:

  • The destructive power of Hurricane Sandy’s fury;
  • The destructive power of President Obama’s re-election;
  • Looking forward to Washington Gridlock;
  • The more Obama screws minorities, the more they vote for him!
  • Big Fat John reveals his plans to suppress blacks and women;
  • Can Rappers save the GOP?
  • Experiencing voter intimidation at the polls;
  • Get Gov. Christie on Weight Watchers ASAP!

Don’t be part of the shiftless 47%, listen to this week’s White Riot Show!