White Riot Show – Episode #17

It’s been two weeks since the last episode, due largely to the efforts of various nefarious forces: bad weather, extended overseas assignments, Sandra Fluke, the Catholic Church and wilding boy bands.

Despite the efforts of those evil forces to silence them, Big Fat John and Judo Larry M made their way to the White Riot Show studio to resume their most holy mission. Hear the Word this week and instantly be informed on the following topics:

  • The current state of affairs along the Pacific Rim;
  • The proper way to take care of your taint;
  • Democrats lose their shit over Obama’s debate loss;
  • How do we fix the two-party system?
  • Paying your “Fair Share”;
  • Misinterpreting the First Amendment;
  • Visit the paradise that is North Korea!
  • … and more!

So check out this week’s episode of the White Riot Show, now with twice the flavor and half the calories.