The Riot – Episode #33

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Big Fat John and Judo Larry M start off this week’s White Riot Show with a bang and keep the riotous energy going for over an hour! It’s the type of stamina that would make marathon runners and gang bang queens proud! On this week’s episode:

  • Unleashing the inane drones;
  • Keep the Feds out of our cash;
  • The Chinese are taking over;
  • Spending your way to success;
  • God bless the Sequester;
  • Keynesian economics = tyranny;
  • As usual, Paul Krugman is an asshole;
  • Going green; going mean;
  • Rent control: tool of communism;
  • Price signals act like horny chicks;
  • Taxing the correct behavior out of people;
  • Censorship sucks a dick;

… and more! There’s so much goodness in this episode, the IRS is thinking of charging a surtax on every listener– so hurry up and download it before they reach into your pocket!

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