The Riot – Episode #32

This week’s episode of the White Riot Show moves faster than a hormonal ADD teenager at porn convention! Listen as Big Fat John and Judo Larry M bounce off topics like:

  • The Pope’s retirement;
  • Embracing the Sequester;
  • Obama embraces racist policies;
  • Insidious liberal indoctrination camps;
  • It’s not paranoia, it’s a gun grab;
  • Liberals are like envious ugly chicks;
  • Judo Larry M’s hypocrisy on privacy;
  • The Violence Against Women Act is an assault on Liberty;
  • The Left loves Chris Dorner, the modern Robin Hood;
  • King Bloomberg’s latest royal proclamations;

… and more!

So listen to this week’s White Riot Show, or Judo Larry WILL bully a fat lesbian teenager with acne.