The Riot – Episode #195

In this episode:

– Hurricane Jose about to hit the Northeast, looks to be a contender for the flyweight crown;
– We don’t care about Jemele Hill, but ESPN is hypocritical in the way she was handled;
– One of the funniest sights is Trump demanding “respect” from people;
– Alex Jones and Donald Trump are both con artists preying on rubes;
– Hillary Clinton now on full tour, playing the role of senile old lady;
– “Feminist” Hillary believes women were directed by their men to vote for Trump;
– Our wealth is stolen from us by the govt., just to make the minimum payment on our debt;
– Krugman and the Keynesians all jacking off at the sight of all the hurricane destruction;
– Universal healthcare is bullshit;
– The minimum wage was, and is, a racist law;

… and more!