The Riot – Episode #118

On this episode of The Riot:

– Kim Davis is not oppressed, she’s just a twat;
– You work for the government, you play by their rules, gay or not;
– Big Fat John is disappointed that Rand Paul is defending Kim Davis;
– How the fuck did Tom Brady beat the rap?
– Big Fat John is a renowned #fantasyfootball writer, so pay attention;
– In addition to being really fat, Monica Foy is a dopey cunt;
– Liberal white guilt is primarily responsible for this PC nonsense;
– At least the kids of the 1980s fended for themselves, unlike today’s leeches;
– If you had to munch Hillary’s box, you might demand more cash than a Federal job pays;
– Amtrack Joe Biden needs to get into the Democratic race ASAP;
– In our interview segment, Big John sits down with Donald Trump;

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