The Riot – Episode #117

On this episode of The Riot:

– Big Fat John tries to get a hashtag movement going: #LyingCunt;
– Much to the continued chagrin of the guys, Donald Trump is still in the lead;
– What’s more frightening: a #LyingCunt, a socialist or a Trump running for President?
– Anchor babies or no, stop trying to fuck with the Constitution;
– “Anchor Baby” is not a slur, you overly sensitive liberal PC assholes;
– Will Huma Abedin go down for her boss? #DoubleEntendre
– Androgynous, like-minded life forms are not the natural end state of human evolution;
– Free trade is the best cure for institutionalized racism;
– An exclusive interview of President Kim Jong Un by Big Fat John;

… and more! Check it out!