The Big Questions – Erik Nagel

June 15, 2020 thatriotshow 0

In this episode, Big John sits down with radio personality Erik Nagel (“Opie & Anthony”, “It’s Erik Nagel”, “Would You Kindly”) to discuss his start in radio, war stories from his time on O&A, the current climate in the industry, “cancel culture”, and more!

The Big Questions – Marc Hirschfeld

June 6, 2020 thatriotshow 0

Big John sits down for a talk with one of the biggest names in comedy that you’ve probably never heard of… Marc Hirschfeld.

Marc has been the casting director for all the great TV sitcoms since the 70s like #KIllingEve, #MarriedWithChildren, #Seinfeld, #NewsRadio, #TheJeffersons, and more!