In this episode:

– Did agents of Trump sabotage the Riot? You decide…
– Libertarians can have civil debate about music;
– The Mooch has arrived… and left;
– For such a great CEO, Trump sure makes some lousy hires;
– Rubepublicans prove they’re nothing more than church-going Democunts, preserve Obamacare;
– Transgenders don’t choose their gender; they just suffer from mental illness;
– George Takei says Trump cruelest president ever, forgets FDR interred Japanese-Americans and Truman nuked Japan;
– Trump goes after MS-13 gangs… and still manages to fuck up that layup of an issue;
– Rand Paul teams up with Kamala Harris on the prison reform issue;
– Is complete free trade the way to deal with North Korea?

… and more!