The Riot – Episode #181

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In this episode:

– The unpleasant task of having to defend Ann Coulter;
– The curious case of how the Left uses fascist tactics to silence “Nazis’;
– Free Speech doesn’t give a shit about your feelings, nor should it;
– Not only are ANTIFA’s tactics deplorable, they’re a loser against the alt-Right and #ProudBoys;
– A big problem with our society today is that young boys are not getting into enough fights;
– There is no “right” to any service that is forcibly subsidized by others, like education and healthcare;
– The AP stokes Trump rubes’ fears of “fake news” by reporting Muslim savage yelled “God is Great” during murder spree;
– Trump takes the opportunity to turn a state meeting with Chinese Premiere Xi to pimp his shitty chocolate cake;
– Poor Sean Spicer, being Trump’s public-facing fluffer is a tough job;
– Feminists and men of questionable masculinity team up to sink Bill O’Reillyl
– In what comes as a shock to the rubes, Alex Jones’ lawyer admits he’s only “acting” on air;

… and more!


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