The Riot – Episode #180

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In this episode:

– Supreme Court shenanigans;
– Statists need to man up and stop butt-hurt over past fistings;
– Much like the #Democunts in 2013, #Rubepublicans will rue going nuclear;
– Why are progressives so hurt? Because their agenda typically depends on SCOTUS, not Congress;
– Why the fuck are we getting involved in Syria?
– We abide by the Constitution… unless there’s a really, really bad guy in power somewhere;
– Bombing Syria is wrong, but once decided– we HAD to notify Russia;
– Face it: the savages in the Middle East don’t want democracy or freedom;
– The list of celebrities blocking Big Fat John on Twitter is growing daily;
– Ann Coulter and Bernie Sanders annoy us the most on Twitter;
– RIP one of the greatest of all time, Don Rickles;

… and more!


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