In this episode:

– Insulting Trump wasn’t the issue, it’s that Meryl Streep was stupid enough to think her words would shame him;
– If you’ve done business in Russia, then you’ve done business with the mob or the KGB or both;
– #Rubepublicans officially in control of Congress now, promptly pass budget that increases debt by nearly $9 trillion;
– Do rubes really think companies change corporate plans overnight because Trump tells them to?
– Single payer, non-single payer… who cares! Trump does his best Obama impersonation re: healthcare;
– Sanders is an idiot for ignoring history re: socialism, but so is Trump for doing the same thing re: protectionism;
– Why are #Rubepublicans OK with his appointees being rammed through confirmation hearing?
– Why is Trump appointing an anti-vaxxer asshole to lead a committee on vaccines? No ass clowns available for the gig?
– Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not all opinions need to be equally respected;

… and more!