Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our Riotous fans!

In this episode:

– Trump tweets policy, doesn’t use spellcheck;
– Why do people think that 100% transparency 100% of the time is a good thing?
– Betsy DeVos may be Trump’s only palatable Cabinet pick– only because she hates the Dept. of Ed.;
– Innovation is usually due to one or two individuals free to pursue their own interests, not to collectivism;
– Despite what Bernie Sanders thinks, competition drives prices down, not up;
– Socialist logic: punitively tax and regulate the companies discovering life-saving drugs, in the name of “fairness”;
– Lena Dunham regrets not having an abortion, rest of us wish her mom had one;
– Will gay CUNY professor (and his husband) be fired to violating Ivanka Trump safe space?
– Liberals continue to be unhinged by Trump victory, especially following Electors’ “revolt”;
– Gay rights aside, dudes referring to their “husbands” still sounds weird;
– Really, @MTV? White guys have contributed nothing of value to society?
– This self-hating white guilt needs to stop– it helps no one in the long run;

… and more!