In this episode:

– The conspiracy rubes may have finally gotten something right;
– The bad thing about Clinton isn’t that she merely lies; it’s that she lies when she doesn’t have to;
– Drumpf plays media again, releases “medical records” on rigged TV show;
– Suspension of logic in order to defend your candidate infuriates Big Fat John;
– TeamGov is now officially on all 50 state ballots, but can’t get into first debates;
– Why isn’t Drumpf’s lack of ANY elected office experience a “disqualifier” for POTUS?
– Drumpf finally admits Obama was born in U.S., blames Clinton for starting rumor;
– Drumpf still refuses to denounce David Duke;
– Is it possible that Drumpf has the hots for Ivanka?
– Woman hands out her sex tape, the kills herself when it goes viral;

… and more!