In this episode:

– Phil the Producer finally comes out of the closet;
– Donald Drumpf thinks the U.S. can walk away from its debts;
– Big Fat John is losing friends over their support of Drumpf;
– (Fart + scat + gay jokes) = Always Funny;
– Drumpf comes out in support of an economic policy that even Paul Krugman finds ridiculous;
– The guys talk a little football, rate the NFL Draft;
– Drumpf thinks printing dollars will erase the national debt;
– Facebook discriminates against conservative news;
– Why do rubes think Drumpf will appoint conservative SCOTUS justices when he’s an anti-Constitution?
– A Libertarian vote today isn’t wasted, it helps build a real alternative for 2020;
– Are there enough disaffected white guys to carry Drumpf to victory in November?

… and more!