On this episode of The Riot:

-#EqualPayDay is a holiday like Valentines Day: completely arbitrary and based on nothing but emotion;
– The is no Gender Gap, despite what stats-impaired women and feminists may tell you;
– Intellectuals drift to socialism because they can’t admit a free market is smarter than they are;
– When reality doesn’t match your belief system, just make up a stat like the “Gender Gap”;
– When things don’t break his way, Trump whines more than a teenage girl on her period;
– Minimum wage laws are ineffective and immoral;
– Why do liberals think Government knows how to best run our businesses when it can’t run its own?
– You get tackled at the 1, you don’t just get the TD– so Drumpfkins should shut the fuck up;
– Why aren’t we hearing about how old the Democratic nominees are?
– Liberal conundrum: do they support porn site banning North Carolina users?

… and more!