On this episode of The Riot:

– Big Fat John asks @AnnCoulter what @realDonaldTrump’s jizz tastes like;
– Are we really to believe that a septuagenarian hippie socialist is inciting violence at Trump rallies?
– Trump says he listens to his own brain a lot, so you know he’s right;
– Those “Trump is like Reagan” memes are horseshit;
– CEO Trump wouldn’t stand for a lack of experience¬† but his rubes think it’s a plus for a Prez Trump;
– Trump deserves to be targeted by Anonymous based on his support of the FBI against Apple;
– Hulk Hogan gets to fuck his friend’s wife *and* win $115 million in damages;
– Stone Mountain racists have every right to spout their nonsense;
– All parades in cities with populations greater than 12 need to be banned ASAP;

… and more!