In this episode:

– Rubio and Cruz finally fight back, make Trump the meat in a Cuban sandwich;
– Trump continues his World Moron Tour ’16;
– Trump claims he’s targeted because he’s a Christian, Jesus immediately issues denial;
– Unsurprisingly, the Klan endorsed Trump– and he refused to immediately refute the sheet-wearers;
– Hey Trumpkins– your boy wants to weaken the 1st Amendment… how conservative is that?
– Hey CSULA students: you can’t be “pro free speech” if you shut down people you disagree with;
– You’re not for free speech if you’re against hate speech;
– Forced diversity for the sake of diversity is nothing but racism;
– Contrary to liberal dogma, there is no Federal Office of White Privilege;
– Delusional twat Melissa Harris-Perry gets preempted, claims racism, gets fired;
– Asshole nerds are actually annoying the shit out of our future robot overlords;

… and more!