In this episode:

– The huge implications of Antonin Scalia’s death;
– Stop bitching: Obama has every right to nominate a justice– and the Senate to reject him;
– The nation lost a towering intellect this last week;
– Obama has spent all this time ignoring Congress; now they get to ram it up his ass;
– Big Fat John used to like Ann Coulter, but thinks she’s a dopey twat now;
– This week in Trump’s Bullying: picking a fight with the Pope!
– The head of the RNC needs to thin out the field so the attacks can focus on Trump;
– The Pope wasn’t talking about physical walls, you stupid Trumpkins;
– Even Trump confused Bernie Sanders’ policies for his own;
– Apple is correct in telling the FBI to go fuck itself;
– We uncover Sports Illustrated’s plot to cuckold American males;

… and more!