On this episode of the Riot:

– Big Fat John and the Snowpocalypse;
– The three liberal comedians of the Apocalypse hit the road;
– The Cult of Trump tolerates no truth about their Supreme Leader;
– You can never win a debate against a 5 year old bully– or Donald Trump;
– Trump is an authoritarian in waiting– why do so many “conservatives” love him?
– Trump isn’t a Washington “outside”, he’s the ultimate crony capitalist;
– SCOTUS considering a case that could finally deal death blow to public unions;
– Abe Vigoda passes away; we nominate Kirk Douglas to be new Vigoda;
– Tampons and taxes intersect in California;
– Oregon militiaman shot and killed by FBI;
– #OscarsSoWhite is just the latest example of liberals attacking their own due to PC bullshit;

… and more!