In this episode of The Riot:

– The Hulkster gets the Big Leg dropped on him by the n-word;
– So, now we expect apologies for words that were never uttered in public…
– Phil the Producer stands up for himself;
– Another “gun-free zone” that did its job… for law-abiding citizens only. For criminals, not so much;
– Does modern medicine account for the increased mass shootings in recent years?
– Big Fat John feels no need to justify ANY use of any of the Bill of Rights;
– The Turks turn eastward, start bombing ISIS;
– If you’re in the market for some spleens, livers, or eyes, there’s BOGO sale at Planned Parenthood;
– Don’t be surprised at Planned Parenthood’s horrors– it was founded by Margaret Sanger, after all;

… and more! So check out this week’s episode of The Riot!