In this episode of The Riot:

– The ghost of Fred “Rerun” Berry is referenced;
– Exhaustive investigation reveals that Hillary Clinton is a lying twat;
– If it doesn’t involve a black kid dying near a white guy, Obama don’t wanna hear about it;
– Aside from the shitty ACA, Obama’s legacy will be… what?
– Roof is the result of a racist flag/ideology, but Abdulazeez is a lone savage bucking his peaceful religion/ideology;
– Trump may be a loose cannon, but he has tapped into what the American people are worried about;
– El Chapo is insulted by El Donald’s remarks, threatens to kill him;
– What will it take for liberals to admit that Islam is not a “peaceful” religion?
– If Obama’s liberal policies work so well, why hasn’t he visited his hometown Chicago in ages?
– It’s finally here! It’s time for Phil TV!

And more! So check out the goodness, won’t you?