On this episode of The Riot:

– No, the #USWNT victory in the World Cup doesn’t bring women’s sports on a par with the men;
– Soccer is not a real sport, so women being good at it is meaningless; #BigFatJohnsRules
– Welcome to the Bernie Sanders campaign, where all problems are solved by increasing taxes on the rich;
– The U.S. is still a prosperous country, but we just need to spend within our means;
– What makes the ninth hour of a workday 1.5x more productive than the first eight?
– Jason Pierre-Paul lost a finger *and* about $40 million by acting like a dopey teenager;
– R.I.P the Snake, Ken Stabler;
– Is “acting like a man” frowned upon in today’s American society?
– How is it the Greeks figured out ancient math, but can’t figure out modern debt?

… and more! So join us for this week’s Riot!