On episode #110 of The Riot:

– Donald Trump seems enamored of Mexicans;
– Liberals dismiss Trump’s Mexican rapist theories, but forget Carter being duped by Castro in 1980 to the same result;
– The GOP already has a blueprint for successfully courting the Hispanic vote;
– Just because Trump is an assclown, that doesn’t necessarily make him a racist;
– Bernie Sanders is surging thanks to people too stupid to realize what a failure socialism has been;
– Big Fat John doesn’t give a shit about the Confederate Flag;
– No Hillary, cancelling the Dukes of Hazzard won’t rid us of racism;
– Now that SCOTUS has affirmed gay marriage, why is polygamy still illegal?
– Obama decked out the White House like a retarded rainbow, but was too busy to comment about 3 ISIS attacks the same day?

… and more, all on this week’s episode of The Riot!