On this episode of The Riot:

– Everything is offensive to liberals;
– The Amtrak tragedy and how it empowers liberal money-grabbers;
– Why is the assumption that Government needs to run Amtrak?
– Liberals’ definitions of “free” are the economics of 12 year olds;
– Enact a flat tax and get rid of cronyism, loopholes, deductions, and 80% of the I.R.S.;
– The top women on our “Wish We Could Bang List”;
– The woman Big Fat John wouldn’t bang with Judo Larry’s dick;
– Fat shaming of women is necessary to provide men with proper jacking material;
– The greatest collection of unfunny, unattractive broads is found on the set of “Girls”;
– Judo Larry recalls the time he ran into classic porn star Seka;
– Did the “Deflate-gate” punishment fit the crime?
– Kim Jong Un executes political opponents in the manner of Wile E. Coyote;

… and more!