On this episode of The Riot:

– Don’t mess with Texas, savages;
– If you start a sentence with “I believe in free speech, but…” then you really don’t;
– Why Pamela Geller is a critically important twat to all free speech advocates;
– Savagery aside, why do people feel the need to respond to words with violence?
– Chris Matthews speaks on Garland, demonstrates he’s an idiot;
– Please, GOP, can we keep the Huckabees and Carsons out of the picture?
– Looking into deflated balls;
– Banning sexuality conversion therapies;
– So… homosexuality is genetic, but gender isn’t? WTF?
– Revealed: how teenagers contracted chlamydia in an sex-free high school;
– The Top 3 things that Texans hate;

… and more! So tune in to The Riot and flip the bird to all your civilized friends!