On this episode of The Riot:

  • The @DeanOfComedy has officially blocked us; now where will we get our ridiculous pro-Islam tweets?
  • The top three categories of humorless fucks in America revealed;
  • Reviewing the Baltimore situation;
  • How do failed liberal policies create situations like Baltimore and Detroit?
  • Why are liberals accusing Obama of being racist when he used the word “thug”?
  • Does the nanny state end up excluding the poor from the benefits of capitalism?
  • Fat, dumb and liberal is no way to go through life, Michael Moore;
  • George Soros is a hypocritical piece of Hungarian shit;
  • Hey @MMFA– instead of whining about FOX news 24/7, spend 10 minutes on Soros, OK?
  • He was a piece of shit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor Al Goldstein as a 1A hero;
  • Can freedom of speech (and porn) subdue Muslim savages?
  • Sally Kohn tries bowling for abortions and comes up a bit short and a lot twatty;
  • What is the sound of a bowling ball shot out of a vagina?

… and more! So tune in to The Riot and flip the bird to all your civilized friends!