In this episode:

– Big Fat John and Judo Larry M give the youth the secrets to successful video podcasting;
– The guys address viewer complaints;
– Teaching kids to be pen-pals of convicted cop killers;
– Reviewing the best kind of high school teachers;
– Poor Ben Affleck is in genealogical pain and needs your sympathy;
– Don’t hate on Ben Affleck for his slave-owning ancestors– do it for what he did in Gigli;
– Judo Larry M’s own ancestral secret revealed;
– Mika Brzezinski is an annoying, useless twat;
– Four MSNBC hosts are black, liberal and tax evaders. But no stereotypes please!
– A flat percentage is the mathematical definition of “fair”, unlike “progressive” taxation;
– The “Death tax” is particularly insidious and must be eliminated immediately;
– ISIS has a new foe: Nike sportswear;
– Relax feminists and white knight sissies: the Black Widow isn’t real;
– Native Americans walk out on Adam Sandler, nobody gives a shit;
– Italians seem to make for the best Native American characters in show business;

… and more! So check out the new episode of the Riot and piss off a liberal hack today!