The Riot is ringing in the new year the only way it knows how– with a half-hearted attempt at quality entertainment. Even so, The Riot is still miles ahead of the competition:

  • Remembering Gov. Mario Cuomo;
  • He was a nice guy, but what did Mario Cuomo *really* accomplish?
  • Why didn’t Mario Cuomo ever run for President?
  • Is being intelligent a detriment to boldness?
  • Harry Reid broke his ribs. In other news, we don’t give a shit;
  • Contrary to their own beliefs, liberal assholes do exist;
  • We find racist assholes to be hilarious– and so should you;
  • The “Marketplace of Ideas” needs to include even the most ridiculous notions;

… and more! Despite the rumors, please remember: the Riot likes eggs.