After enjoying a joyous Christmas holiday, the Riot is back in the studio to entertain and inform… or what passes for a reasonable facsimile of both:

  • The Riot celebrated Christmas, but remembered to pay homage to our media-controlling Jewish friends;
  • Don’t look now, but there’s trouble in both of Mayor deBlasio’s cities;
  • You can get elected shitting on the NYPD, but don’t be surprised if you can’t get anything done;
  • Once again, Guiliani’s brilliance in ignoring Sharpton is proven out;
  • Mayor deBlasio is such an idiot that he’s lost both the NYPD and the protestors;
  • We discuss another example of why liberals shouldn’t be allowed to play with numbers;
  • Liberals believe in science– unless it doesn’t support their world views. Ask James Watson…
  • “The Interview”– North Korean hack or Sony beta test for direct to consumer major film distribution?

… and more! So listen to the episode and lament not giving it as a gift to your dearest friends!