The Riot continues to roll towards its centennial episode, in the process running over several topics:

  • Democrats act like a dumped chick, release Torture Report on their way out the door;
  • American civil rights are for Americans, not Middle Eastern savages;
  • Much like the Rolling Stone UVA rape story, the Torture Report is partisan horseshit;
  • Facts be damned, liberals have a well-intentioned sermon to preach!
  • Rape is such a campus problem, that liberal twats need to invent cases of it;
  • Lena Dunham seemingly fabricates college conservative raping her;
  • Just ask yourself this: would anyone risk jail to rape Lena Dunham? Exactly.
  • We know white frat boys are all rapey, so the truth doesn’t matter;
  • Apparently, good intentions are all that’s needed for Rolling Stone editors;
  • Shame on today’s college students for stifling opposing views;

… and more! So join Big Fat John and Judo Larry M as they bitch slap the news on the new episode of The Riot!