Another week, another protest… The Riot no sooner gets done talking about one protest, than another one pops up:

  • We’re not above exploiting hot women if it means higher ratings;
  • Equating #MichaelBrown and #EricGarner is ridiculous;
  • Unlike the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, the Garner decision is a farce;
  • Do liberal, big government tax policies create an environment that put the poor in jeopardy?
  • The NYPD was clearly the cause of Eric Garner’s death;
  • Being a belligerent asshole is not cause for Police escalation of violence;
  • Why is Sean Hannity acting like an asshole?
  • American college campuses have become marketplaces of intolerance;
  • Media vultures shape false perceptions of crime and victims;

… and more! So grab a cigar and warm beverage and join The Riot as we settle into the oncoming throes of winter!