The Riot spends pretty much the entire episode discussing the Ferguson situation, so strap in:

  • Justice isn’t defined as “giving the mob what it wants”;
  • Walking around with your hands up yelling “Don’t shoot!”? Read the evidence the grand jury was shown;
  • Why does the media keep showing 3-year old pictures of Michael Brown?
  • Why was the grand jury decision held until 9PM?
  • Could the Ferguson PD and local pols dosomething right?
  • Protestors in #Ferguson burn all the racist institutions: Auto Zone, McDonalds, liquor stores;
  • Why is Michael Brown’s robbery and assault on the day he died ignored?
  • #Ferguson business owners posted “Black Owned” signs on their stores… very biblical;
  • Just what did all the “protesting” in #Ferguson accomplish?

… and more! So tune in to the latest episode of The Riot and get your blood boiling today!