The Riot is shaking its thang all over the studio this week, still punch drunk over the election results. Join the guys as they discuss the results and more:

  • The Riot has been bathing in liberal tears the past two weeks;
  • The results of the election were historic in nature on every level;
  • The Obama Effect turned out to be real– and poisonous;
  • Get it straight: the Riot isn’t Republican or Conservative;
  • It wasn’t failed liberal policies– it was voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc;
  • Liberals give up on governing, now dream about fascism in the U.S.;
  • Obamacare architect John Gruber reveals what he (and Obama) think about us;
  • Liberals continue to justify minimum wage laws not with facts, but with emotional pleas;
  • Net Neutrality is bullshit designed for the Feds to regulate the Internet;
  • The FCC is one of the most anti-American government agencies;
  • Study the history of the FCC, then tell me why the Internet should be regulated;

… and more! So tune in to this week’s broadcast before the FCC deems what we say to be impermissible over the “new” internet…