The Riot is coming with the attitude this week, bringing the funk and the noise:

  • Hey feminist twats, catcalling is not rape;
  • The “party of science” needs to learn about statistics;
  • Hey women– want to stop catcalling? Raise your sons to not be assholes;
  • There is no “gender gap”– but even if there were– “equal pay” laws wouldn’t help;
  • Apparently, only minority blue-collar workers bother women on the streets;
  • Who decides which professions should be “more valuable”? The free market, that’s who;
  • Your dopey kids aren’t born to greatness; teach them to love and respect education;
  • Whatever happened to sacrificing and working for your kids’ benefit?
  • Funny how Gates and Buffett donate billions to private charity- not Government;
  • “The Government is here to help you” is relatively recent nonsense in American culture;
  • Even a dope like FDR never envisioned Social Security to be everyone’s pension;
  • Are we looking at even more blessed government gridlock after the midterms?

… and more! So let’s pretend as if The Riot were a legit show and give it a listen, shall we?