Early to bed, early to Riot… the guys get a head start on the show this week, so show them some love and start listening to the goodness:

  • Brave Russians battle the forces of gay propaganda;
  • HBO must spend weeks trying to squeeze out yet another documentary from Russia;
  • Why don’t gay guys have lisps in Russia?
  • The Orthodox Church in Russia is down with gay bashing;
  • HBO shows us that gays in the U.S. really don’t have it all that bad;
  • Is Stacey Dash a self-hating African-American? Self-hating liberals think so…
  • Time for liberals to admit that Govt. welfare programs have failed the poor;
  • The Great Society sucks a Great Dick;
  • Why were black families better off in 1930 than they are today?
  • Why do liberals have more faith in coercive Govt than in free individuals?

… and more! So throw a couple of beers down your gullet and snarf some burgers, because The Riot is ready to go!