Let’s get right to it, since this episode of The Riot is a few days late (or a few days early, if you’re an optimist):

  • What happens when you eat healthy for too long and then have some wings?
  • Thanks to Government incompetence, we now have Ebolapocalypse!
  • Is there anything better than treating an epidemic like a campaign fundraiser?
  • Stop telling me the flu is worse than Ebola, you CDC hacks;
  • Despite charges of bigotry and cherry-picked data, the terrorists are still Muslims;
  • Islam is peaceful? Then go be an apostate in Syria and tell me how it goes;
  • Are women and liberals genetically incapable of understanding statistics?
  • #EqualPay is the same logic that’d demand we legislate the Cubs a World Series win;

… and more! So get up out of that easy chair and kick your dog twice for good luck, because it’s time to Riot!