Amidst the prospect of liquifying innards, The Riot is back to report on the pressing issues of the week:

– In the tradition of national egalitarianism, the U.S. has welcomed the Ebola virus to its shores;
– Ebola isn’t airborne, so need to worry… then again, neither is AIDS;
– Difficult choices: keep the country Ebola-free or profile Liberians?
– Once again, liberals prefer dogma over reality;
– Gloria Allred, an alleged rape, and an alleged shakedown of the NFL;
– Why in the world is the NFL a not-for-profit?
– Once again, the FCC proves that it should be immediately abolished;
– The Secret Service debacle exposes yet another lapse in security;
– The government continues it long-standing tradition of utter incompetence;
– What’s worse: government incompetence or government cover-ups?
– Apparently, Usain Bolt and a bomb vest could’ve taken out the Leader of the Free World;

… and more! So strap on your helmets and get ready for the car wreck of this week’s episode of The Riot!