The Riot is slapping it hard this week, dishing the 411 on several topics:

  • A Muslim beheads a woman in Oklahoma, but MSNBC has better things to cover;
  • Sorry liberals, but savage Muslim terrorists *do* live among us;
  • Muslim savage, a beheading on our soil, armed citizen saving the day: A trifecta of fail for MSNBC;
  • If you’re a fat liberal that uses the Crusades to excuse Muslin savagery, you’re a PC idiot;
  • Despite what Obama and his adviser Rev. Al thinks, Eric Holder sucked as an AG;
  • Holder resigning now is a sign the GOP will win the Senate this midterm;
  • Can we just relocate the U.N. to some third-world shit hole where traffic isn’t an issue?
  • Who do Big Fat John and Judo Larry M want to see win in 2016? Spoiler: not the same guy…
  • Liberals don’t trust people to do the right thing… but trust them to elect an all-powerful Government?

… and more! So tune in this week’s episode of The Riot before the U.N. bans all forms of humor.