The Riot tackles the issues of the week with their usual insight, humor and snark…

  • Being a feminist requires being a humorless twat;
  • Double jeopardy isn’t a game for Ray Rice;
  • The NFL’s morality is determined by the availability of TMZ videos;
  • Wait for due process, not wait for due process… what’s a commish to do?
  • Adrian Peterson loves to dish out the whoopins’;
  • Why is Greg Hardy different from Ray Rice? No TMZ video came out;
  • Bush had 43 allies for his war, Obama has nine for his. But Bush was a cowboy?
  • Bad press for Islam? Don’t blame the media, blame savage Muslims;
  • Cut the bullshit, Obama: ISIS *is* Islamic;
  • Things are bad when we’re forced to defend Bill Maher;
  • As usual, all the idiot “truthers” came out on 9/11;
  • RIP Joan Rivers, one of the few funny female stand-ups;

… and more! So grab a roasted pork sandwich and listen to the Riot to prove your patriotism today!