The Riot braved the holiday traffic and made it to the riotous studios, all for the express purpose of producing yet another brilliant show. OK, OK, we had nothing better to do so we trudged into the studio and captured some thoughts…

  • Obama has no strategy for dealing with ISIS, but does rock a mean beige suit;
  • For some reason, Obama thinks being an intellectual pussy projects strength abroad;
  • Obama’s interest seems to have been becoming President, not being President;
  • Is Obama being an idiot on his own, or is it his handlers’ fault?
  • Hey, wasn’t electing Obama supposed to calm all the Middle East savages?
  • If you can’t score any pussy, then radical Islam is for you!
  • Kirsten Gillibrand won’t rat on senators who think she’s a chubby cutie;
  • Once again, feminists prove they don’t a shit about women;
  • Sexist Democratic senators? No problem. GOP #WarOnWomen!
  • In the NFL, beating your wife gets you 2-game suspensions, smoking weed 16 games;

… so observe Labor Day in the most patriotic way possible, listen to the Riot today!