This week’s episode of the Riot is all over the map, spanning from right here in the U.S. to Japan to Syria and back to the U.S. again… hop on board for the ride:

  • The bullying of a young 13 year old sexter;
  • Judo Larry M is starting a new venture: Personal Security & Taint Massage;
  • Once again, the world sees that you can’t deal with Muslim savages;
  • The challenge of tolerance for a people that are trying to kill you;
  • ISIS and their $2 BILLION bank roll is why you don’t deal with terrorists;
  • Racial tensions overflowing? U.S. citizen beheaded? Call Obama on the back nine;
  • In dealing with the Middle East, it’s always the lesser of two evils;
  • Sorry liberals, but Christianity is not as dangerous as Islam;
  • Judo Larry and Big Fat John split on the Ferguson issue;
  • Big Fat John really hates ignorant cracker assholes;

… and more! So listen to this week’s episode of the Riot and instantly become the envy of your family and friends. On da real.