Things get a bit serious in the riotous studios this week, as Big Fat John and Judo Larry M speak on the big issues of the week:

  • We don’t believe anyone in Ferguson;
  • Police shoot an unarmed black kid… look, free beer!
  • The poor have been voting Democratic for 60 years– how’s that worked out?
  • Liberals look to government to fix problems… that govt. created to begin with;
  • Liberals will ignore all facts and statements to focus on racism;
  • Libertarians are a diverse lot, but the one common theme is non-coercion and non-aggression;
  • Gen. Greene wasn’t killed by a white cop, so Obama skips the funeral;
  • The porn industry gets torpedoed by liberals– “for its own good”;
  • Want a “big tent” party? Join the Libertarians!
  • We spend a few minutes remembering Robin Williams;
  • The incredibly ridiculous indictment of Gov. Rick Perry;

… and more! So goose it and juice it with the new episode of The Riot!