Unlike Obama, the Riot decided to ditch the golf course and concentrate on business! Check the latest episode to get the scoop on:

  • Big Fat John and Judo Larry M are huge Twitter whores– so thanks for the RT, Mr. Cumia;
  • Gawker loves to see racism where it doesn’t exist;
  • Liberals’ own blinders prevent them from being racist– just ask them;
  • This week from the religion of peace: ISIS beheading infidel children;
  • This week from the religion of peace: adulteress has boulders dropped on her head;
  • Peaceful Muslim diplomats leaving “soft” al-Qaeda to join ISIS ;
  • Regardless of your justifications, liberals, Muslim savages still want to kill you;
  • Sorry, Muslim apologists– the Crusades occurred centuries ago;
  • … AND MORE!

So defy the forces of ignorance by soaking in the brilliance of The Riot today!