The Riot is on the case, digging deep into the news items of the week:

  • Despite the best efforts of liberals everywhere, only 3.5% of the U.S. is gay;
  • Why the size of the gay population matters to LBGT advocacy groups;
  • Ungrateful gay Chinese teenagers protest their government’s shock therapy to cure them;
  • Why legally ban “conversion therapy” when Alcoholics Anonymous fails just as often?
  • Hollywood idiots aside, who still feels sympathy for Hamas?
  • Wait- the U.N. is demanding Israel share the “Iron Dome” with Hamas?
  • We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: Hamas is comprised of savages;
  • Remembering Uncle Milton Friedman on his birthday;
  • Why prostitution should be decriminalized immediately;
  • Nanny state nonsense keeps gambling largely illegal;
  • The lasting legacy of the Hippie generation;

… and more! So for a good time, crank it and spank it to this week’s episode of The Riot!